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Great Lengths Hair Extensions Beauty Asylum Expert Hair Color
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Welcome to The Beauty Asylum

Want stunningly beautiful hair?

You've come to the right place! The Beauty Asylum is known as a top hair salon specializing in expert hair care. We make you look great. We offer precision hair cutting, hair re-texturing, dimensional and corrective hair coloring, and great lengths hair extension application. Below we answer your questions regarding: how hair extensions are applied; the 5 benefits of extensions; life expectancy of extensions; and tips for choosing the right extensions. Located at the South-East corner of Scottsdale and Shea, in Scottsdale AZ, we are here to do one thing: Make you look GREAT!

Beautiful hair means expert care. Let us help you reach your full potential by making your hair look its best. Harold James, owner of the Beauty Asylum, applies his creativity and artistic vision to the canvas: your hair. Harold approaches each client as a distinct individual with his or her own facial structure and unique lifestyle. As such, he will create a style that works for you.

You can count on Harold to be creative and caring in his approach. He is professionally trained and always up to date with the latest styles and training needed to help you look your best.

Here's how Harold applies his talents:

Precision Hair Cutting

The art and science of precision haircutting seems almost extinct in this age, where style has become disjointed, random, and hopelessly chopped. A precise haircut falls easily and effortlessly into the shape and style, as originally engineered. Each section of hair is cut in a fashion with congruency and reason. The hair flows naturally into place, making home styling easy and uncomplicated.

Expert Hair Color

Without a doubt, hair color is one of Harold’s passions. Whether it’s a highlight, a simple lowlight, a full head virgin application, a rudimentary color retouch, or a complex color correction service; hair color is one of those incredible services that totally changes a client's outer look and inner attitude. It’s fun, exciting and sometimes utterly amazing to watch the customer transform their image of themselves. There is no challenge that is too big or too small, when it comes to Harold's talents in the hair-coloring realm.

What are hair extensions?

Extensions are used on clientele wishing to add length, volume, color, or all of the above to their existing hair. The addition of extensions can totally change your appearance, or can, very simply, add a subtle dimension to the details of your current hairstyle.

Do you want to lengthen your locks? Do you want to pump up the volume of your tresses? Do you want to add vibrant colored highlights, without chemically altering your hair? If you answered yes to any, or all, of those questions then hair extensions are a great option. Let your imagination run wild!

How are hair extensions applied?

There are several methods that may be used to attach hair extensions to a client’s natural hair. The method that Harold has found preferable is the “strand by strand” technique, where each strand is attached to an appropriate section of the client's existing hair, using a keratin protein bond. Harold has used a multitude of different product brands, in the past, and has found the Great Lengths brand and approach to hair extension application to be, by far, the best.

The top five benefits of hair extensions

Harold receives calls every day from interested parties inquiring about hair extensions and whether they are right for them. His first response, because “one size does not fit all” as far as hair extensions go, is to recommend that they come in for an, in person consultation. In the mean time, Harold offers these five benefits of extensions:

1. Adding length to a client’s existing hair.

2. Adding volume where little is present.

3. Adding both length and volume to create a totally new look.

4. Adding highlights, lowlights, or fantasy colors without chemically altering the client’s hair

5. Utilizing a platform to cover scars or alopecia areata (bald spots).

Life expectancy of hair extensions

When experts discuss extensions “life expectancy,” they are really talking about how long the extensions can remain attached to the client’s own natural hair before being removed or replaced. In the interest of brevity and conciseness, let’s limit the discussion to the “strand by strand” technique of hair extension application.

It all depends on how well the client has maintained their extensions since initial application. That answer seems somewhat vague but home maintenance protocols can mean the difference between extensions that last three months or six months. Harold has witnessed clients that didn’t take care of their extensions as prescribed and who absolutely needed to have them removed at three months. He has also witnessed clients who took great care of their extensions so that he saw no real reason they needed to remove and replace them, beyond five months.

Tips for choosing the right hair extensions

Not all extensions are created equal! When choosing the correct extension to fit your needs and lifestyle, the first step is to look to your extensions specialist. This is the person that must have the skill and competency to successfully perform the extension service in a proficient and detail oriented manner.

Your extension professional will give you reliable advice, as to the proper brand and quantity of extensions that are required to determine the ideal “finished look.” Harold's recommendations are, always, that the hair used should be of “top quality,” so as to avoid future problems. The bonds used to attach the extensions, should be sufficiently small, so as to go unnoticed; and strong, so as to create a secure future within the clients own hair.

The Beauty Asylum hair salon is proud to serve the communities of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Greater Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree, and Fountain Hills, AZ. Featuring the Talents of Harold James - Expert in Great Lengths™ Hair Extension Services, Precision Hair Cutting, Hair Re-Texturing, Dimensional & Corrective Hair Coloring, and So Much More!

For over fifteen years, the Beauty Asylum continues with exceptional customer service in a private, yet highly visible, beauty studio located in a bustling North Scottsdale location.